Its a scales that tells the time and more,it even gives you a glance of the weather.

Having used one scales before with the additional features we don’t see on your standard scales with a pin that moves or be it digital/analogue or smart its refreshing to see a product with the Nokia name placed on it albeit the former company Withings that came up with the idea its nice and simple to use and if you have the NOKIA STEEL the health app is all you need which allows you to sync all your products in one app which is great and not having the need to have a separate app for each product.

What does it do then?

Nokia Body offers a complete weight tracking experience tailored to individuals seeking easy, effective weight management. Weighing in is just the first step. Each session also provides instant feedback via weight trend and BMI screens, plus automatic sync to a free app on your smartphone, so you can track progress any time, anywhere.

Pairing to the app is simple and you can customize the display area with BMI,WEATHER WEIGHT TREND and STEPS. Info will be displayed for a short time when you step on the scales,there is no on/off switch and when you step on it you simply wake it up from its sleep..


Nokia Body scales in action. #Nokia #NokiaHealth

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The build quality is quite good but the scales itself is rather light but looks good its the average size compared to similar offerings and not a huge slap that will get in the way in anyones bathroom or bedroom not that you have to put it in those places it can be used anyhwere..There is detachable feet on the underside you can add or remove depending on the surface you wish to leave it on.

More than one user can use this scales which is done by inviting people to use it via the app which is quite handy indeed. Up to 8 people can use it.. The app is actually quite good and works quite well and easy to read and if you have the Nokia Steel it all works together quite well.. One problem I found though was recognising users and I had to re-assign myself back in this will happen with people of similar weight but it’s not too much of an issue overall.

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The scale is really just giving the basics here like the Nokia Steel they are not fully fledged smart devices but gives you simple data day to day without the fuss and they just work well in a simple format you can of course opt for the BODY CARDIO scales which is giving more information again but if you are just stepping into the smart market something like this is ideal and saves you the hassle. This body scales can now be finally bought in Ireland from Argos or directly from the Nokia health for €59.99

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Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport, Mobile tech fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top rankings, Also working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show and Cavan TV. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Part time actor and security professional and brutally honest when it comes to opinions.

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