If you are the owner of any of the new Android from Nokia you can now also insure your device too which is pretty neat. Phone insurance though for me in the past has been more hassle than its worth and I am careful with my devices and to date have only managed to drop two devices over the years and I go through alot of phones.

The process is simple and we also note the Nokia 8 is listed but not yer available here unfortunalty. Devices that can be insured are the 3,5 6 and 8 so  if you have any of these you are good to go..

The cost will of course vary by device and you can pick either a 1 year or 2 year plan whichever suits your pocket.. For example the Nokia 6 will have a cost of €27.95 for 1 year or €54.95 for 2 years.


If you own the Nokia 3 the cost is €21.45 and €42.95, The Nokia 5 will cost you €24.95 and €48.95 and finally the Nokia 8 will cost you €59.95 and €114.95. You can see the price go higher as the device spec goes up and this is obviously due to parts the screen been most likely the culprit cost burden here.. You will be insured via Allianz


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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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