First up with our home connected devices is the Terraillon R-LINK wireless body composition scales which is really a nice solid piece. We will do an unboxing and walkthrough first then over the coming weeks we will check it out and if you have any questions about it fire away below or on social media.


R-Link is the thinnest scale in the world with only 12,5 mm height. It analyses your weight, BMI and your body composition (body fat and water, muscle and bone masses). It connects to the free Wellness Coach app where you can monitor your progress and get free advice to reach your goals.

Body composition analyser
R-Link analyses your weight, your Body Mass Index  and your body composition : body fat, muscle mass, body water and bone mass. Especially useful when you follow your weight in order to lose the bad kilos (fat) while maintaining muscle mass.

Thinnest scale in the world
Terraillon innove with the Slim technology: thanks to the feet directly integrated in the platform and the fusion of the glass and the metal, R-Link presents a height of only 12.5 mm. You can now store more easily the thinnest scale in the world.

Wellness Coach App
R-Link connects to the Terraillon Wellness Coach app available on iOS and Android. Set your goals and get free advice scientifically validated to reach them.

Smart connectivity
R-Link can be connected with 8 smartphones and / or tablets simultaneously. Handy if each member of the family has his own smartphone.

Get a better weighing comfort thanks to the large metallic platform. The large backlit LCD screen provides you a better readability.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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