Explore the world with Greenpeace’s Virtual Reality App. #Greenpeace #VR

The app is FREE on Android and iOS and you can opt to buy a Greenpeace VR headset, A small donation is required.

This is one for the travelling fans which will enable you to see things up close and travel to some great places like the Amazon, Artic.. It is quite a nice app and great idea having tried it out for a few minutes and there is lots to learn..

“We all know that much of our planet’s remaining wilderness is under threat. But these places we never visit, and rarely even see, often take a backseat to problems we view as more important. By using virtual reality we hope to bring political decision-makers, corporate leaders and members of the public much closer to the amazing places we’re campaigning to protect. It’s important everyone understands how vital it is that we succeed,” said John Sauven, Greenpeace UK Executive Director in a statement.



With our app you can wonder at the towering trees above your heads as you journey through the Amazon. Or see what it’s like to survive at -30°c, exploring the Arctic from the Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise – it’s all about keeping warm, and not petting the polar bears…

Your phone must have an operating system of OS 4. for Android. To check your phone is compatible with VR and plays correctly please download the Google Cardboard player first.



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