Breaking down for anyone is a nightmare to say the least and it will happen to us all at some stage in our lives if it has not happened yet but are you prepared?

Engie is a new product that is set to make our life that bit easier should we run into a problem on the road.. This product has just launched in the UK and we have a unit in for review so we will tell you a bit about the idea first before we spend some time testing the unit out..

The app comes on both Android and iOS platforms which is a good start so it basically available for anyone with a smartphone which is how this diagnostic tool will work with its diagnostic tool…



Once a specific malfunction is detected, Engie will alert the best local repair shops who will assess the problem and submit independent quotes for the consumer to review in real time, saving drivers money and empowering them with knowledge and confidence when negotiating costs with a mechanic.


Engie connects to your car and offers an extensive auto repair and maintenance solution, from malfunction diagnosis to real-time quotes from nearby mechanics.
Engie connects to the car via Bluetooth device, which you can buy through the app and that plugs under the dashboard. The device is small and simple to connect.
After the connection is established with your car, our system provides reliable information about the car’s health.


How does Engie help drivers?

Engie diagnoses your car’s malfunctions and provides immediate solutions::
# Automatic alerts about car status directly to the smartphone
# A simple explanation of the malfunctions

Engie offers quotes from nearby mechanics
# Compare prices and reviews between the auto repair shops
# Find the best mechanic for your car’s malfunction
# Gain confidence and knowledge when you visit the auto repair shop

Engie helps you keep track of daily parameters and car maintenance
# Monitoring important parameters such as battery life, oil and gas level
# Monitoring upcoming services and how much they should cost with bids from auto repair shops



This is a simple process for anyone and there is no need to have any mechanical skills to use the diagnostics tool, The device connects easily under the dashboard and the process should take no more than 30 seconds. You can find a picture of the dedicated car connection here.

Get the full picture at

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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