Chargys are giving users of smartphones freedom from low battery anxiety.

Managing Director Jonathan Madden tells us more…

Current charging solutions require either a fixed location (cable and plug) or planning ahead (rechargeable power bank). A Chargy releases you from these constraints. Now you can just grab a little boost from your nearest shop/bar/train or bus station, whilst on the go. No more unnecessary and lets be honest ridiculous worry.




Trialled in select locations across the country, the Chargys have proven their worth over the past two months.


100% of funds raised from the recycling of Chargys goes to our official partners. The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation.   They provide direct funding to the families of children with brain damage.


They come in two types colour coded for simplicity. Green for Android with a micro USB connector and Red for iPhone with a lightening connector.

To use simply remove the power saver tab and insert the Chargy into your phone. The power is delivered over approximately one hour after which the phone will vibrate to let you know the charging is complete. All our retailers accept back used Chargys. We then collect and recycle. 100% of the funds raised from this process are donated to the Jack and Jill children’s foundation.

We believe the incentive to help the Jack and Jill foundation combined with competitions we run on our social media pages will ensure that users recycle the used Chargys.

Bryan Larkin my co founder is in sales and I Jonathan Madden am in I.T. which allows for gives us some very complimentary skills. Between us we are putting every spare minute and penny into Chargys. We know Chargys will help people so we are dedicated to it.



Bryan first had the idea after a night out in Loughrea county Galway. He was to call home, 12 miles away if he needed a lift. It turned out he needed that lift but his phone was dead. It only took about 3 hours to get home. Giving him lots of time to ponder solutions.

This is quite a funny story to us but there is a serious side also. Walking on a rural Irish road late at night is very dangerous and a Chargy could have helped avoid that.

Chargys cost €5 each on either Android or iOS or you can buy a pack of 5 again on both platforms at €22.50 with free shipping.

I have discussed battery anxiety here several times and tried out multiple portable powerbanks over the last two years but this is a genuinely great idea as a whole,not only helping the consumer with great product that is easily identifiable but proceeds go to charity too which is fantastic so everybody wins here with a good pricepoint, Watch out for these everywhere folks….

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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