There is a new Irish dating app called Wynk. #Dating #Ireland #Wynk

Do we not have enough of these apps already? Perhaps not..

Dating apps seem to be a thing with all sorts literally, They all have the same idea but will vary and they are here to help you find a partner. For me they are no use nor have I heard much about people actually finding real love through these apps. From chatting amongst friends the likes of Tinder really provides you with one night stands which the same could be said for the likes of Plenty Of Fish…

What is Wynk then and why is it different… A different approach,but end result is still the same…

Swipe right or left on activities you like or dislike respectively & then do the same for people. Once someone likes you in return & the same activity as you, you match! Simple, right?

Wynk comes with an array of awesome features to help you boost your post-match date rate & it’s all free to download & use!

So in short this app is based more so on your interests and things in common but lets be honest will people will use this for a quickie or for the real thing?  Dating apps are still regarded as dodgy and we do not know who we are actually speaking too in some cases,however this has a more civil approach and the best way to start a date is with something in common which I would presume the majority of folk do bar the weirdos that lurk through these apps with a false identity.



Wynk do say….

At Wynk, we know the dating world can be scary. Which is why we’ve built a unique dating app that matches people based not only on mutual attraction but on common activities both parties express an interest in!

Want to try it out? Hit the respective app stores below and do let us know how you get on…








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