Twitter finally tackles abuse,better late then never. #SocialMedia #Twitter

Twitter has problems,this is one of them and they have a lot more to do..

Twitter has announced new measures to tackle abuse and trolls on the platform today. However as it stands with the Micro Blogging site there is to much transparency issues throughout and this wont save them..They just wont listen to its core users…

Twitters says…

We’re continuing our work to make Twitter safer, moving faster than ever to do so. During the past few weeks alone, we’ve made a number of changes on this front including updating how you can report abusive Tweets, stopping the creation of new abusive accounts, implementing safer search results, collapsing abusive or low-quality Tweets, and reducing notifications from conversations started by people you’ve blocked or muted. We’ve already seen an impact from these updates and we appreciate and value all of your feedback along the way.

Giving you more control with additional tools.

We’re also introducing new filtering options for your notifications to give you more control over what you see from certain types of accounts, like those without a profile photo, unverified email addresses or phone numbers. Many people requested more filter options for their notifications, and we’re excited to bring these to everyone on Twitter.


We’re also expanding the mute feature to build on the work we did in November which lets you remove certain keywords, phrases, or entire conversations from your notifications. Now, you’ll be able to mute from your home timeline and you can decide how long this content is muted – one day, one week, one month, or indefinitely. This was another big request from you and we’re looking forward to rolling it out.

You can read their full post here because frankly when I see more transparency I will believe it…. Until then…

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