THINKWARE introduce suction mount accessory to their range. #dashcams

THINKWARE dash cams have recently added suction mounts as an accessory to their hugely successful range,you can find out more about their full range here.


THINKWARE has recently introduced a suction mount holding device into the UK market to allow its cameras to be much more portable and to be moved to different locations as required.

All the THINKWARE dash cams still come equipped with the 3M tape they have always had. This tape ensures that the legality of the dash cam placing is not an issue for customers. However, the addition of the optional suction mount accessory provides customers with the ability to move the dash cam from car to car.



Its discreet, compact design enables the camera to be mounted behind the rear view mirror minimising the encroachment on the driver’s field of view (NB more than 4cm is against the law).

So when going on holiday or driving a hire car, detach your camera from your car, pop the suction mount into your pocket, confident that you have the security and reassurance of using a THINKWARE dash cam in whatever car you are driving.

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