A new dashcam has arrived to check out,this time around its the Thinkware F50 dashcam. Priced in the budget range of around €80 its got just enough to provide drivers with information should it be required,particularly for accidents and on the move instant recording.

This model is also discreet, its small and has a cylinder shape and can be place anywhere and not be so noticeable like some dashcams can be. Another good feature here is parking surveillance mode and impact detection which triggers the unit to record 20 second clips.


Camera Sony Exmor CMOS 2.12M
Resolution 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080)
Capacity Micro SD Card 8GB(class 10), 16GB/32GB/64GB(UHS-I)
Recording Modes Continuous Recording, Incident Recording, Manual Recording, Audio Recording, Parking Surveillance Recording
Sensor 3-Axis Accelerometer G-Sensor (3D, ±3G)
GPS External GPS Antenna (Optional)
Power Input Power: DC 12/24V
ETC Operation Status LED







Setting up this kit is simple and thats what we all like,there is no hard-wiring required but its a simple as plug and play however you will have to navigate the wiring in your vehicle yourself which will of course vary per manufacturer if you are trying to hide wire you can of course get it hardwired into your car but this is your own choice.. There is cable clips provided in the package to at least mount the cable in a tidy fashion around the front  or whichever route you can take..

It is discreet which is what I like about it you could easily place it on your windscreen (See their tips on placement here) and nobody would notice it in fact if you where clever enough about it. The unit is small and compact its Black and looking face on it can be placed very secretly out of harms way and indeed those folk who do the smash and grab thing which still happens so for a little tip do leave in the vehicle overnight..





Included in the packaging is a micro sd card and converter to your PC/Laptop where you will then upload your files to do whatever it is you need to do you will simple see the location down on the left side of your screen and then select the folders and you can either upload or drag them to the desired location.

You can then access the admin panel which has an array of settings a which you decide best for you too assign and you can also format the card when done should you need space but ensure you move over all the required files first…



If you are tech savvy the set up is fine as is out of the box but you can change some features as listed above we just stuck with the out of the box settings to begin with which are perfectly fine. Once you have all this set up you are good to go. On the unit there is one button which allows you to manually record on the go this is if something should crop up and you have not activated the unit.If you just leave it sat there it will give you continuous audio alerts which annoyed me but my testing ground was the reason. You can buy at an option an external GPS unit if you want some more tech added but for the average user this is not really required ,this give speed camera alerts and speed by way  audio again, They could have let you use your mobile phones GPS via Bluetooth imo.. Parking mode and motion detection also requires the additional pack to enable those features so there is quite alot more on offer if you take advantage of the GPS module..



Reviewing the basic package I got there is enough here to make it worth the punt in fairness given the alternatives out there , A fine example is the now growing sight of 20 euro dashcams we see in petrol stations and bargain stores such as Euro 2 and Dealz,they are not worth the money full stop..

One caveat for me but in saying that is not being able to see what your dashcam sees on your side as I am use to trying out those types but the unit is easy to adjust and has a wide angle viewing so you can almost place it where you want it to face just by judgement and even if this does not work out for the best do a quick test run and then adjust accordingly next time round.




The audio is clear and  loud which is good as with traffic levels here,noise pollution or dare I say in car noise pollution by means of a loud radio playing you will hear it no problem at all…. Overall I think its a nice little kit and its very discreet which I really like,even asking others here I said check out my new camera and they could not find it immediately and they said “that is very hidden you would not see it there” For me that is welcome news to hear as i mentioned above, the opportunist window smashers… Plus peace of mind should you run into an accident or whatever I would not scream out like I have seen some do  ” I HAVE A DASH CAM” Big mistake that ,jut say nothing at all….

You can buy this model right HERE check it out.. And thanks again to thinkware for  letting us check this out. Also available on Amazon and Bestbuy. 

Verdict…. I like it!!




By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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