Earlier this week we learned about the purchase of Nexbit, the company behind Robin, the cloud phone by the well known gaming related company Razor.


Unfortunately, no more details on what to expect so far (so, hold on your horses if you want a new gaming smartphone for the summer), but we know the company will continue working as an independent department inside Razer.

“In order to reach a wider audience and continue our mission, we decided to join with a larger brand,” –Tom Moss, Nextbit Systems Inc. Co-founder and CEO

That’s what the company is aiming for after the deal was closed earlier this month.

And even when phones nor accessories are no longer being sold on the official channels, Nesbit promised to fulfilled warranties for 6 more months, and software updates and security patches until February 2018.

There’s a lot to expect from this deal, but What are your thoughts? What would you like to see on the next Nexbit smartphone?

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