The Huawei sub-brand Honor, has made a name of itself thanks to affordable yet impressive offerings like, last year Honor 8.

But what we weren’t expecting was seeing a redefining of “Budget Smartphone” with the presentation of their Honor 6X at CES.


This is not the first time we talk about this phone here, and you can see every little detail on the link above.

What was a complete surprise besides the official U.S announcement was the price tag.

Although we made some rough calculations on how would it cost to bring the phone over Europe or America there’s always some kind of extras that made to the final price. But this time Honor maintained the ridiculously low price tag leaving it on the under $300 budget.


That’s all you need to keep your hands on this excellent phone that packs almost anything you may ask.


With pre-orders available since January 4th and official sales on January 15th in the U.S and being already from now in Europe, the phone saves a good place among the best budget phones of 2017.

Just head over the link above to see all the spec sheet and all the goodies the phone has.

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Will you get yourself or a friend the new best “Bang for the Buck” available? Will you consider it has a backup phone?

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