Review – The Lindy IEM- 50X Hi-Fi headphones by @Pat_Seery #headphones #Lindy

Normally I’m all about wireless when it comes to using speakers and earphones when it comes to listening to music as I`m usually out and about when doing so and I would have wireless but when push comes to shove and you run out of batteries it’s always good to have a wired set of earphones as a backup. I was given this set of earphones to review and I must admit to being surprised.


  • Dynamic Bass Tuning allows you to manually tune low frequencies to your preference
  • High fidelity extended response 6.5mm dynamic drivers
  • Inline microphone with single button control
  • Designed for optimum comfort and performance
  • 2 Year Warranty






The build quality is really good considering the price you’re being asked for these earphones. They’re lightweight and come in a black finish with soft in ear buds (changeable sizes and shapes to make any ear comfortable) They are really well presented and come with a nice soft pouch to keep everything nice and neat and not a tangled nightmare in the end of your backpack.



Sound Quality

I must admit that I really didn’t expect too much from these being in the price range that they are but I am surprised at just how good these are. They have something called Dynamic Bass Tuning which allows you with a simple twist to tune out most of the low end frequencies that you might want to get rid of. They also come with noise cancelling too which again on something in this price range you wouldn’t expect to find.



Overall Verdict

I can’t fault these headphones, especially for the price. The sound is excellent, noodle cables is an excellent feature and they are a really nice fit. Very well presented and boxed and with extra bugs and a nice little storage pouch to keep everything in good condition.   I would definitely recommend these to anyone who is on a budget and needs a good pair of headphones for on the go listening.

BUY HERE – Direct Or you can find them on Amazon..

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