This little package arrived the other day and its an external virus removal tool, Most of us would be familiar with using downloadable software to clean up our PC but this just plugs in to an existing USB port and does the rest for you..

FixMeStick does not need any additional software to install on your PC so it will not slow it down or interfere with any work you might be doing,This is a hardware based and detects and removes spyware,trojans,rootkits and malware just to name a few.. FixMeStick is also Linux based.




The package comes in a box,One that is in my opinion a waste of packaging which could probably fit around 50 of the same product if not more,but this is common with packaging. The piece itself is nice though,well built looks good and has a red light atop when its running. The process took me about 45 minutes but with a brutal internet connection I blame my ISP which is eir that took the updates so long to download. The process is simple its just plug and follow instructions…




The FixMeStick is a hardware device that runs before your PC or Mac starts to remove the infections that got past your anti-virus protection. Once malicious software gets into your computer, it can be impossible to remove it while your computer is on. This product IS NOT A REPLACEMENT for anti-virus programmes….



How does the FixMeStick virus removal device remove infections that antivirus programs often cannot?

Antivirus programs are software tools that run while your Windows operating system is running to protect Windows from malicious software like viruses, trojans, spyware, and malware. Protection from these malicious threats is important and running antivirus protection is highly recommended.

The FixMeStick virus removal device is a hardware tool that runs before Windows to remove malicious software that got past your antivirus protection. Once malicious software gets into Windows, it can be impossible to remove while Windows is running. Independent security experts and government security agencies recommend cleaning an infected PC with a hardware tool like the FixMeStick virus removal device that runs before Windows starts.


Keep your current PC!
• Gives you a practical and cost-effective way to clean your own PC of virus infections.
• Automatically connects to wired and wireless networks to stay up to date.
• A physical virus removal solution that you can hold in your hand and take charge of your PC.

• Removes viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits, malware and more.
• Complete system on a stick that plugs into any USB slot.
• No software installation, conflicts, passwords, or slow down to your work and play.

What You Get:
• FixMeStick virus removal USB device
• Manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty with active subscription.
• Free and amazing North American based service and support.

Overall it was easy to use and set up and did remove some junk from my Laptop,this can be used with up to three PCs, This product always stays up to date and will update when you insert it whenever you use it..

Overall the package did what it said on the tin but took time to set up and download updates,however this is most likely down to my brutal internet connection and perhaps would run better for everyone else its a nice little product and useful and it works. What more can I say.



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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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