Business Calculation App is a brand new app that will allow users to do basic calculations from your Android device and make life that bit easier for you.. The App will also be made available on iOS soon.. There is plenty of similar apps of course available but at techbuzz we support Irish made apps and if you have an app you want featured get in touch like dozens have already,There is no need to sign up just drop us a mail and we will take care of the rest. The app created by David Joyce is now free to download today..

David himself has alot to offer aside his app building and he has spoken to us which reveals a little more about himself…


My name is David Joyce, I have been working as a software developer for 10 years. I have worked on a variety of Windows and Web based programs, mainly for the Retail sector. In 2015 I decided to start my own company (, the main aim is to get more small Irish businesses online and replace any current paper based systems with custom software unique to their situation.




I created Business Calculator as a step towards this, it contains the main calculation that people will use every day. A lot of people do these calculation on a rough bases, with the app you can accurately calculate you Gross Profit, Break Even Point, Value Added Tax and your Sale Price. Unlike a lot of apps available these days, I designed the app to be simple and straight to the point. As with a lot of my work I will be giving away the source code for free. If people head over to Github account ( it will available there in a couple of weeks


This free app is a calculator for business administration and economics.



Gross Profit: You are able to calculate the gross profit . Just enter the Cost of Goods Sold and Sales of the products.

Sales Price: You are able to calculate the Sales Price. Just enter the cost price, Value Added Tax and Margin.

Value Added Tax: You are able to calculate the VAT (value added tax) and the price incl. VAT. Just enter the price without VAT and the VAT rate of your country.

Break-Even Point: You are able to calculate the break-even point. Just enter fixed expenses, variable expenses and price.

Best financial math app for school and college! If you are a student, it will helps you to learn finance and economy!



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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