Review – #WRAPS – Limited Edition BERRY wristband headphones. #wearyoursound #fashion #tech

This is now our 4th pair of Wraps wristband headphones and you can see all the other reviews right HERE  

These have been launched for the festive season and are more or less similar to Wraps of old with some aesthetic changes with colours and design so we will leave you with an image gallery and unboxing and show you a comparison of what they have to offer, When fashion and tech combine these have it all offering you a piece of tech you can wear and also blending in with fashion to boot. Plus another benefit here that is a caveat for many is knots,these are anti-tangle so there is nothing to worry about here and after trying out several pairs they do what they say on the tin for that department…



The Wraps Limited Edition Berry feature a built-in headset microphone and 3.5mm gold plated jack and a light, spherical ABS housing helps control the sound. With a choice of small, medium and large silicon tips it provides a comfortable and secure fit whilst worn in the ear or on a wrist. A large 10MM dynamic speaker, tuned by world-renowned British Audio sound engineers, delivers exceptional sound quality.


Using Wraps earphones has fast become as much about how good you look wearing them as it is how good they sound. Not only do the earphones look and sound great, they also solve the daily frustration of those that are easily broken, tangled or lost. Wraps solve 3 inherent problems all earphones have: storage, anti- tangle and style simply by enabling you to wear them on your wrist whilst you’re not using them. #WearYourSound with pride and bring your outfit to life while also having your favourite music ‘on hand’ whenever you want it.


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