Review – If you lost it you can find it with #TrackR bravo. If applied correctly. #GPS

Tracking has become a huge thing these days and has been a long time, It became a big thing in logistics with the placement of vehicles,and the same can be said within the security industry be it cash in transit vans or even regular van drivers its now become a standard not just purely for safety purposes but also to get a time stamp for a future stop or drop off point and also it is use with government bodies within their vehicles and yes people themselves do wear personal tracking devices I have tried and tested some myself but thats something we will not be discussing now.

When it comes to personal belongings there has been alternative options out there for many years but being a new technology as such to personal items via a standalone product they have been big,some stupidly big and made no sense then smaller ones came about with are small tidy and not so cumbersome and most importantly no so noticeable..  The first one come to mind is something Nokia brought us some years ago called the treasure tag,there was two of them the WS-2 and WS-10  which we reviewed back then…


This is when things got interesting for finding personal things like car keys,house keys a gym bag,handbag perhaps or whatever suited you best. The thing here is though they are noticeable and if someone did happen to steal or you just misplaced the item if this was seen some may not know what it was which is a good thing other would and would ditch it straight away,thats where this new product has a caveat as it got good promotion on the internet and for example people attach them to the underside of the saddles on their bike and a thief would just have to look and remove it, Concealing such items are a better idea lets just say the inner lining of a gym bag or purse and there is plenty of ways to conceal such an item such as TrackR which we are looking at today..





TrackR is a relatively new product on the market its much smaller and easy to conceal,if you have the brains to do it and not just stick it anywhere and will work even within your wallet depending on its size,this comes in a simple small package with plenty of instructions and the selling points clearly marked out on the reverse of the packaging,also we get a chin ring which personally i would ditch and a double sided sticky pad which again I would ditch,this is an item i would conceal with no need for anything else… Sadly there is no spare battery which would have been nice,but you can pick one handy enough at a car motor factors for example or even a watch shop..

So next thing now is to download the app to your device be it Android or iOS then you need to add a new TrackR device.. Pair the device,you will get an audio alert from the unit and register and your done,When you register you become par of the hundreds of thousands of TrackR members which is crowd sourced so if you loose and item and it becomes within 100ft. You will be notified of the items last know location…



When you are all paired up and registered you are good to go now all you need to do is select what you want to track,there is a default list then presented to you and you can chose what you want to assign the TrackR too..So I have assigned my wallet to the TrackR in this instance..One thing to point out here which is good if you forget your mobile phone you will be notified via TrackR this is called a separation alert. On your device you will be shown a map of your location and how many others are local and in my instance where I was testing the unit there was 758 users which seems rather impressive…




Does this work?? Well yes it does and even through a leather wallet stuffed with coins and so on which is comforting and I will add its not just dumped in a pocket I have carefully tore the stitching to place it behind the lining so its not there for anyone to pick it up and see the piece in a coin pocket which would be just discarded…

Now without sounding harsh I want you to watch the video below and then tell me what you think of the placement of the TrackR,be it only for advertising purposes this is 2016 I have worked in the security/personnel protection and reconnaissance business before and one thing I need to point out is DO NOT LET OTHERS SEE IT… Why you might ask, Well as I said its 2016 be it a case of criminality you can kiss your goods goodbye these guys are a step ahead  and will dispose of it immediately like I said before CONCEAL it do not flaunt it it defeats the purpose of having it…. Overall it is a great product that works flawlessly executed badly by how its advertised especially on the bag and bike as seen in the video..Perhaps that might sound harsh but as I have stated I have worked in areas where these would be highly effective due to its size they are ideal for many things yet alone personal goods…

Download the Android app HERE 

Download the iOS app HERE  


See more over at TrackR.com and you can purchase there and they are reasonably priced and if applied correctly ARE EFFECTIVE…




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