Guest Post by Thomas Stein.   Are VPN connections only useful to bypass geo-blocks??

I first heard about VPN services and VPN connections back in 2012. It was Summer Olympics in London and I wanted to watch the Hungarians win their gold medals on Hungarian TV online.

Unfortunately I lived outside Hungary at that moment and could not access the Hungarian TV station to watch their live streams from the Summer Olympics. It wasn’t an error with the feed, it was simply a so called geo-block (geographical block) causing the problem. As I visited the website of the Hungarian TV station they checked my IP address. Discovering that I was located outside Hungary they gave me an error message telling me that this stream was unavailable for me.

Luckily my brain quickly understood that there was a way to bypass this geo-block, by getting myself an IP address in Hungary. I quickly found out that a VPN connection was the solution for me, and thus I got myself a VPN subscription and got myself a Hungarian IP address. A few minutes later I was watching Hungarian TV online from outside Hungary.

That was four years ago and I still have my VPN subscription. But, is a VPN only useful for those in need of bypassing geo-blocks?

Is a VPN only useful for those in need of bypassing geo-blocks?

There is little doubt about the fact that a high percentage of the users signing up for VPN services do it for this purpose. But, there are those who actually use their VPN subscription for much more than just streaming content online (which would normally be unavailable). Here I will give you some of the main reasons for using a VPN besides bypassing geo-blocks.


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Some of the most important arguments used by VPN users for using a VPN

  • A VPN connection will encrypt your online activity. There are different levels of encryption used depending on which VPN protocol you use, but any VPN encryption method is way better than no encryption. This will make it way harder for any intruder to get hold of your confidential information.
  • If your VPN provider has a no-log policy any movement you do online will be untraceable back to you. People who check your IP address to do you any harm will not get your actual IP address, but only see the IP address provided to you by your VPN provider.
  • With a VPN subscription you can get access to cheaper flight tickets and similar products. Lots of airlines give users different prices depending on their location. Use your VPN to get an IP address in another nation and do a search on the airfares again. If you are lucky you can save lots of dollars on airfares and lots of similar services.
  • Almost all Torrent sites advise their users to use a VPN. As more and more Torrent sites are observed and downloads discovered by local ISP’s (and reported), using a VPN can keep your tracks covered and let you download content safely online.
  • It is crucial to encrypt your movements online in this world packed with free WiFi Hotspots using unencrypted networks.
  • VPN applications often come with extra functions such as DDoS protection and built-in firewalls to keep you safe online.
  • Some ISP’s set a limit to your streaming speeds. When you visit certain domains they limit your download speed. Using a VPN will let you bypass such streaming speed regulations.

As you will see from this list a VPN is about much more than only bypassing geo-blocks. Do you have any other reason for using a VPN? I would love to have you write even more reasons to use a VPN.


This article is written by Thomas Stein, the creator of  On his website he writes about geo-blocks, streaming services like Netflix and NOW TV, tech news and about Internet security.

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