Own a Playstation VR. Here is how to keep in good condition #PSVR #VR

If you own or perhaps thinking of buying the Playstation VR one thing you will need to do is keep it in check. Like any new toy that comes into my house people come around and with VR HMDs  that is no different they all suffer from the same issues with long periods of use which is sweat and fogging and when you have around ten nosey heads trying it out at a time you will soon understand yourself if you have not already when you buy such a unit..




Sony have released some tips and a video on how to maintain your PSVR headset and you perhaps should take note on what they have to say because you will experience the mentioned issues above and since I have got mine I have already racked up some hours with the recent games I have purchased for the headset.

You can head over to their tips section HERE. 



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