We have been trying out the Aftershock VR documentary with their very own headset and its an eye opener,Cast your mind back to 2015 when the country had two huge earthquakes in as many months. Many of us on earth will probably never see one but for the majority it is something we see on the news. Put yourself in that position,9000 people lost their lives,things like this should make you think and not take life for granted..

I have been reviewing VR apps sometime now and this is not something that most of us are custom to in the VR space ,for the most its games and roller-coasters and so on but there is some interesting documentaries  out there which you should go check out and look outside the box for a change you never know how surprised you will be with what you can learn…




The experience is also excellent on this headset and you really need to sport some headphones,sit back and enjoy and most importantly learn something this goes on for quite a while and not the typical short burst we are mostly see on documentaries.There is much to learn and see here..

AftershockVR / WaterAid takes you on a special journey with a guy called Krishna Sunuwar (The only plumber) in Kharelthok, Find yourself amidst the rubble of homes damaged in the devastating 2015 earthquakes and discover what it takes to repair the community’s vital water supply.



The headset itself is pretty good and you can order one free which is a nice idea and is simple to construct like any other and some padding here for the device is quite nice where the device sits and its also held closed with velcro, You will construct in seconds, All you need to do is download the app which is quite big and be sure to use your wi-fi to do so. The app is on Android and iOS and coming soon to Oculus.

Get the apps below



Watch the trailer



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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