Samsung Gear VR 2016 unboxing and comparison. #Samsung #VR #VirtualReality

The much awaited Gear VR 2016 has landed with us and its a nice piece of equipment,with some changes from last years offering they are all welcome,With the new Black look to boot it even looks much better than last years model and its good to see a change from the once traditional white colours we tend to see VR headsets in..

This unit will cost roughly the same as last years model which is a bonus and if you have ordered the Note 7 you may have got the option to get one free and that offer could be still available at launch in stores for now this remains the best VR headset at its price having had the last two versions myself i feel it is a welcome upgrade,the only thing though is the lack of content on the oculus store vs what we can get on cardboard and this needs to change quickly,there is however apps you can use to use play store apps on the headset which I personally have not tried, I have a large amount of headsets for that content so no real need for me but there is some really nice apps there on the play store to check out..

Check out the video and image gallery with side by side comparisons below and if there is any questions fire away below or sound off over on Twitter or Facebook..



If you missed out on this via pre-order you can also get them online,It would be nice to see these physically in stores this time round so people can actually see them and perhaps try them out before they decide to purchase, Until then you can try the likes of Amazon and eBay and similar sites to get your hands on one of these but do check the prices,Particularly with Amazon check Amazon.fr and Amazon.de ,also Amazon US these will ship to Ireland via parcel motel too..