Apps are what people are after these days and there is an app for just about everything,literally everything,But how about your local community or town,something that can give you a wealth of information about your locale?? You might say well we all know whats in our own area but you could find yourself pleasantly surprised on things you might have missed,not only that these kind of apps are great for tourists too that come to your part of the world..





We talk to Aidan  Wynne from about the Tullamore app and more…


Over to you Aidan….

I have always been interested in Technology from an early age which was unusual because none of my friends had a great interest.
That was back in the days where you had to press different button combinations to get the cursor just to move across the screen.
I remember relatives always asking me what I wanted to do when I left school and I had no clue to be honest.
That all changed when I got a Windows 98 machine back in 97 and I must say as sad as it sounds, I am at my happiest sitting at a computer.

I have done a few smaller Apps like my home town of Ferbane in Offaly and I wanted to test myself to build a bigger one.
Tullamore App is probably the largest community App in Ireland at the moment.
There are over 1,200 click to call listings so in effect it is like the Tullamore Phone directory.

Other Features:
– Social media of Sports Clubs are shown on one page
– Stream of the Local Radio station
– A page which displays photos from a folder of a Local Facebook user

One of the biggest features is Notifications for Sports Clubs.
I have been told by some Clubs of huge bills which can run into thousands for Texting.
There is no need for that in this day and age.
Unlimited Notifications can be sent from a computer server in huge volumes.

The Android version is always built first because it takes a few hours to get the first version to the Play store where you can test it and then change it and resubmit.
When you submit an iPhone App to the Apple store it takes between 10-14 days to be approved and if there is something on the App like a photo of an Android phone, they can reject the App and it goes into Que where it could take longer.



I built the Tullamore App to test the waters in the bigger towns.
An App is successful only by the support of local Business, Community Bodies & Sports Clubs.

Sports Clubs get FREE Notifications and hopefully repay you by getting numbers onto the App.
Community Bodies get FREE features in return for promoting the App.
Business hopefully sponsor the App because of the numbers provided by the first two groups.

If Tullamore were to get behind the App then I envisage a lot more features in the future like Live Video for events.
I could for instance show a venue how to run a live broadcast of their Darts night…and it wouldn’t cost them anymore than a Band.I like to keep up with technology and there are a lot of great things I could put on an App but it will come down to the level of interest I get in each town.

My next big App will be based in a town which shows a real interest in using it to it’s potential.It is a leap of faith doing an App like this….Only time will tell as to whether it pays off.



The Town App of Tullamore, Co. Offaly

A Directory list of Business, Community, Sports & Parish

– Building & Engineering Listings
– Community Listings
– Food & Drink Listings
– Hair & Beauty Listings
– Health Listings
– Professional Service Listings
– Retail Listings
– Services Listings
– Sports & Recreation Listings
– Doorsets Ireland App
– Notifications from Groups/Organizations
– Midlands Radio 3 Stream
– Tullamore Photos
– Local Music





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