Never miss a train station again with #Trainzzz app (UK) #travel #apps #trains

A handy app to have as it happens to us all and if not yet it will. Missed your train station by nodding off,head buried in your laptop or  mobile phone… This new app is here to help you though and its called Trainzzz, Now only if there was a similar app here for not only trains but the bus too..

Trainzzz is a simple FREE app that allows you to select your UK train station destination and using your phones GPS signal aims to alert you to your approaching destination 

A great option for the distracted commuter, person unsure of the stop, or maybe a person travelling home after an enjoyable evening and may be a little sleepy 

1) Select your destination station, or stations on your route as required
2) Select the distance from the station you wish to be notified (1,3,5,+ miles etc.)
3) Decide what tone you wish to use
3) Decide if you want to SMS someone in your phone to advise them you are near – or “put the kettle on”
5) Leave the app open in the background and await your GPS driven alarm





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