Empire cases dont only do cases they have a wide range of accessories for you to pick from and a new addition to their catalogue is the Kids Over-Ear headphones with a built in parental volume lock,these come in a variety of colours such as Blue,Green Pink and Red to begin with. With a price of $24.99 and free worldwide shipping are they worth it,well lets see..

Disclaimer.These are a preview unit sent to us for testing..

To begin with we had no actual packaging to check out as these are a preview unit which is now in mass production and on that point we where disappointed to not have the official packaging but nice to try them out at this early stage,So we cant complain really..

On the upside the product is good,quite good to be fair,With kids these days now sporting tablets and mobiles you will see many sporting headphones to boot,but the issue here is volume control and another one to refresh your memory is how close the screen is to your childs face but Samsung took care of that with a recent app..

My daughter who is 7 has tried several headphones in her time and she enjoys some time on her tablet during the day and evening which is monitored,At times having called her I did notice from time to time she couldn’t here me but this issue is now gone due to having the option to lock the volume on the headphones manually and most importantly the child cant undo this. There is a box like fitting on the cable which requires a small philips screwdriver and you can test the volume level out yourself first then set it and lock it,the close the box up again,but a safety note I would hide the screwdriver,kids are inquisitive and will investigate and try anything especially mine since she is surrounded with tech all the time but again this is monitored and access is limited.


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Comfortable sums them up too my daughter was happy with them and with adjustable arms each side again it was an easy manoeuvre for her to set to her own accord,With the both cups again lined with leather and cushioning they again made her feel comfortable,the cups also move in one direction to nestle over the ears and do not apply extra pressure making them sit nicely.

Build quality is good,flexible on the headband where kids might just spread them too much they seem they will have some longevity in them too and the plastic is easy to clean should they get and dirt on them which can be expected from kids.. Even the adjustable arms seem solid and feel like they can take a beating too and dont seem flimsy.

Sound quality is fine,nothing to write a book about but they are for kids and at that age whats provided here is enough but if you are and adult there is a notable difference in quality compared to mainstream options but again to note they are for kids and not us..

Check out our video review below and if you want to pick up a pair see HERE for all the options available.We would like to thank Empire case again for sending these over to check out…








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