Something that has happened to almost all of us at least once, has been sitting in the airport, bus terminal, bar or even at the gym doing nothing when something on the TV caught our attention.

There’s just one tiny little problem, most of TV’s are muted or with a really low volume, what makes impossible for us to hear… Until today!

Lets welcome Tunity


This app does something so simple but yet so useful that is incredible no one has done it before.

Following a similar path as Shazam, the app with give you the info you need about something in TV.

All you need to do is “scan” the program you want the audio from with your camera and the sound will be sent to your phone’s headphones for your hearing pleasure.

The only catch in here is the fact that only works with live broadcasting (like an urgent news, the Oscars or a live football match) and you need to use GPS to know where you are in order to give you the correct audio stream.

This means, the app will not work on every single channel, but at least that random but “important” things we wanted to listen for a moment will be available for us.





As of today, Tunity works with approx. 100 channels including ESPN, TBS and even TNT (so Oscars are an option) among others.

Right now the app is available on Android and iOS and only in the US but is aimed to reach other countries soon.

What do you think of this? Do you see yourself using this app at some point? Let us know in the comment section below or joint the twitter conversation.



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