If you’re one of those who love to record your extreme tricks while doing sports or something similar, then you’ll love this app.

GroupClip is an iOS app the lets you add multiple angles to your videos, using nothing but your smartphone.


Having multiples shot during recording is usually result of a hard and exhausting work on various programs to make it work.

Things are different this time around with this curious innovation, all you need is your iPhone, the app, a Facebook account and another four (4) friends with their respective iPhones.

When you initialize the app it will ask you to log with a FB account, once that’s done you can invite the rest of the team to the same session to star recording at the same time.

The footage gets synchronized automatically on the cloud, from there, you can use the main user phone to start editing.

Also, the rest of the team can access and edit their own footage, so it’ll have a different perspective in every clip.

There are a bunch of templates to use in order to finish the editing part,  so as soon as you finish you can share you creation on Social Media with ease.

Just a quick drag and drop and you’re ready to go. No tons of programs, no uncountable hours to processes.

The app is currently only available on iOS with an Android version soon to come.

Would you give it a shot? What are you thoughts on this kind of apps? Let us know what you think in the comments below




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