The Samsung S7 Edge is one of if not the best device out this year and protection here is a must,Case making here though for a device with dual curved screens can be challenging but the two cases we have from Otterbox do the job fine,both cases are from the Symmetry series and the only difference being the colour here,both serve the same purpose and work perfectly fine offering a transparent view from the back yet protecting the device with an easy on/off fitting which again is rather handy and no messing about..

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This case is quite nice and in hand it feels better giving that bit more grip to the already slippy feel to the 7 edge although much improved over its predecessor its still a tad slippy,this case will give you that extra grip and an extra sense of security,Being transparent though does give this case a fingerprint magnet status which is not really an issue due to most phones suffering this minor setback and can be forgiven. With a raised lip around top and bottom you can place the 7 edge face down on flat surfaces and not have to worry about getting the screen damaged,the edge panels will be subject to exposure but on how it lands should you drop it is entirely luck.the edge screen works fine too and can easily accessed with no problems,Volume and power keys are also fine with good feedback though some extra pressure on the volume toggles is need,being new this is expected and should fee up over time. The camera and flash area too are protected and the device can be put back down with no worries on flat surface and again nothing to fear of here getting any marks on the camera lens and so on. Overall this case is is value for money priced at €29.99 and comes in several other colours which will be linked below.

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