Ink Hunter – An app that lets you see your tattoo before you get it. #AR #Tattoo

UPDATE.. Now also on Android.

The Tattoo,Some like them some hate them and some think that people that sport them are not part of modern society and make you look dirty,Yes there is still a taboo with the subject along with many other things today. Anyway even if you dont have a tattoo and considered getting one this is the place to go and see what it looks like before you even hit the tattoo artist..The app is on iOS only for now but it is coming to Android and Windows Phone..The app actually uses augmented reality and is in real time so its pretty cool indeed. Say hello to Ink Hunter 

The app simply works by using your mobile phones camera and you then scan the desired area you wish to have your tattoo placed,This is then when the AR comes into effect and it will relay the image back to your device and that is all there is too it.You can pick designs or chose your own too which is good rather than been left with specific templates.

App features

You can try on your own tattoo or choose one from the gallery.
– Observe your tattooed body from different angles!
– Take nice shot and make it looks like real in advanced editor.






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