This one is for the ladies.. Yes this new app just released called Spot On is a new app to track your period by Planned Parenthood.. There is plenty of these apps about and it also is argued you cant track a period,Sure what would I know about that but I have asked a few people and all suggest the same thing.. So ladies you can try this one out and see for yourself.. The app claims to tell you what’s up with your menstrual cycle, birth control and sexual health.  The app is on iOS for now and soon will land on Android..


How is this app different?

All the information in Spot On comes directly from the world-class sex educators and healthcare providers at Planned Parenthood. When you use the app, you know you’re getting trustworthy, accurate support from a reliable source. 


App features.

Track your period and your cycle, including:
• Your flow — from spotting to heavy to none at all.
• Your symptoms like fatigue, cramps, bloating, stomach aches, and more.
• Your activities like travel, exercise, eating junk, having sex, etc.
• Your moods — from feeling fabulous to feeling blah.

Track your birth control, including:
• Discreet birth control reminders.
• Personalized advice on what to do if you make a mistake with your method.

Get the help you need, when you need it:
• A sexual health history record at your fingertips and integrated into HealthKit. You can export your data at any time.




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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