Vudoir is a new app on Android and iOS where people can help each other on what outfit or attire to wear,This app is similar to another app called Straw which lets users upload something then they are given the chance to vote on it. This app is mainly aimed at clothing though but the same can be done on the straw app but as mentioned its particular to fashion only not your everyday needs or random questions about the likes of food something you see on Instagram for example. To login it is easy requiring a Twitter or Facebook account..

Upload two different pictures with your outfit ideas, set the time within which you need to receive a feedback, explain what is the occasion and you’re done! Decide your outfit, hairstyle or the best accessory to wear in order to show “your best self” to the world.

With Vudoir you can:

• Vote outfits and styles of other Vudoir members
• Receive advices from the community
• Follow people with a style you love
• Know how people will dress up for a certain occasion
• Discover the latest fashion trends from all around the world.

Creator of the idea Alina Franco says

“The idea came to me during the fashion week in Madrid: I was looking around while waiting for a friend in front of a stand, and I realized that everybody wanted to be noticed, to transmit a style or a message, through their outfits. They were looking for the approval of those present – Says Alina Franco – I immediately started to search on the net if there was a solution to a problem so common that each one of us had at least once in their life: there wasn’t. Blogger, personal shopper, personal image consultants were and are a valid support for shopping, personal style, suggestions; but no one is able to help you taking a decision in real time, without being present. I thought about the fact that the same dress in the same color and of the same size looks very differently based on who is wearing it, and that the opinion of somebody who sees the final result cannot be replaced by a photo of a mannequin or a model. Think about the standard lifecycle of any outfit: we ask opinions from a shop assistant or from our friends if they are with us, then we go home with our new dress, but it’s not over yet. Before going out, we are always undecided between two dresses, we are always in a different mood compared to when we bought that outfit; In short, any advice or even a confirmation of our idea is always appreciated. In the always-on era, the answer could only be an app. And Vudoir was born.”



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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