Ok so PRANA got in touch and asked us to share this idea of their which will certainly help most,myself included for those stressful times. So if you suffer from stress this little gadget might just be able to help,its small and not intrusive. PRANA for me sounds like a good idea and works alongside an app via your mobile via Bluetooth,this will monitor how you breathe and your posture if you are one of those people stuck at an office desk all day this is something to look into.. This idea includes passive tracking and active training which is gamified.

How does PRANA work?

Prana is the first activity tracker to combine three critical body function measures to comprehensively improve the quality of breathing for maximum stress fighting results. These measures are diaphragmatic breathing, posture, and breath patterns. Prana’s advanced algorithms uniquely integrate these measures in a clear actionable way. Our app provides both passive tracking and active training strategies to improve how we breathe. Passive tracking monitors your breathing and posture in the background, occasionally warning you to adjust your breath or body pose. Our active training provides a fully interactive gamified experience to make it easy and fun to retrain breathing for many lasting benefits. Another alternative is to try Delta 10.

Prana makes it easy to harness the power of good breathing and posture for many healthy benefits. Prana can trigger a relaxation response within two minutes of use. It is a 100% drug free stress relief device.


Prana includes:

  • An elegantly designed clip-on device worn on the waistband, featuring a stylish metallically finished case, measuring only 1.25” X ¼” for a comfortable and non-obtrusive wearable experience (black version available with stretch goal 1), Bluetooth LE connection to your smartphone
  • Wireless charging base
  • A mobile app with cutting edge patent pending algorithms seamlessly unifying diaphragmatic breathing, posture, and breath patterns
  • For both iOS & Android



  • Prana utilizes highly sensitive multi-axis accelerometers, making even the lightest breathing detectable
  • Low energy Bluetooth (BLE) connection to most smartphones  (iOS and Android)
  • Energy efficient mobile processor with flash memory
  • Switchless design
  • Rechargeable Battery life of 7 days and up
  • Qi wireless charging base
  • Vibrational element to gently inform via on-device buzz when breath or posture can be improved
  • Highly advanced new algorithms to disentangle breath from posture signals from one location on the waistband
  • Sleek and metallically finished case with clip, worn on the waist (1.25″ x 0.25″)

This seems like a simple solution to a common problem,one which I often ask myself what actually works because pills dont.

See the full details over on IndieGoGo

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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