The Keyboard, one of the most used features of our devices and one of the most discussed topics between mid and high end user on the Android ecosystem.

One of the simplest but useful app in this segment is Chrooma


Chrooma is really simply and is almost like the stock Google Keyboard with some but great adds on.

With this app you’ll be able to customize lots of features on it, like color or even size (this one comes really handy for those with larger phones but no so large hands) and the best part is that packs the Swipe gesture feature that most of us love.

But where Chrooma stands out is the ability to have different colors depending on the app you are using with Palette Mode.


Is like having a virtual Razer keyboard, this one will change the color to match the app, like in the image above, so if your using FB Messenger it will turn blue.

Another cool feature is Night Mode, which will dim the colors as soon as it detects a light change.

So if you one os those people that love changing everything on your phone or want a theme to match  perfectly this is the app you’ve been looking for.

Is not free, but the price would not break your pocket so if you want to try it out go and get it here:

Chrooma Keyboard

If you do or you know it already, let us know what you think in the comment section below.





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