If you have a house full of gadgets this app is made for you,its pretty dam cool and has a Minority Report touch to it if you will….

Over the next few years we will slowly see more connected devices enter our homes and this app will make them talk to each other,We do have some connected devices in our homes now and some perhaps do not realise it,Take Nest for example, a smartbulb TV or Fridge,though they cant really talk to each other,this is where this app comes in.This app is an  augmented reality app that lets you link the smart objects around you together, just by drawing connections with your finger between them.

The Reality Editor is a new kind of tool for empowering you to connect and manipulate the functionality of physical objects. Just point the camera of your smartphone at an object and its invisible capabilities will become visible for you to edit. Drag a virtual line from one object to another and create a new relationship between these objects. With this simplicity, you are able to master the entire scope of connected objects.


The Reality Editor is a result of three years of MIT research,it looks futuristic and cool and its available to download now,it maybe some time before we will need such an app as standard but its certainly the future,check out the full story below..

Source    Download on iOS



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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