Today is a great day! After several years Sony has finally decided to update their Camera App but for now, just for the Z5 Line-up

The version has jump to 2.0.0

Sony-Camera-2.0-Xperia-Z5_1-315x560This is something most of the reviewers and users have been begging for since quite a time now, though I personally found the Sony camera UI really clean and simple is truth that now maybe is “too simple”

Well, apparently the complaint made it to Sony’s ears and now we have this.

Now you can now simply swipe to switch between the main camera modes like Superior Auto, Manual, Video and Xperia Camera apps.


According to some users the start-up time has been reduce, but apart from that, there’s no such a different in quality or processing speed.

So if you are expecting manual controls like Lumia or LG you’ll have to wait another update (in the best scenario)

As a bonus, we have now check that if you are rocking a Z3+ you’ll also be able to install this new version, but previous generations will need root.

For updating, just go to “What’s new?” on your devices and look for the update.

Or simple click HERE

Source: Sony Mobile Blog


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