Roaming charges to end in 2017 as the EU votes #Roaming #EU

Good news at last for the consumer,but will this earner for mobile networks cause an increase elsewhere for mobile users,this remains to be seen..One thing is for sure now that if we are roaming we can now forget about coming home to shock bills which has seen an increase over the years especially when it comes to data usage which is now used more than ever before..This has been a long heel dragging exercise and finally now its over..

From next April, roaming fees – charged in addition to domestic prices – will be capped at 0.05 euros (5C) per minute, while for text messages they will be capped at 0.02 euros (2C) and for data at 0.05 euros (5C) per MB of data, excluding VAT.

European Commission vice president Andrus Ansip said: “The voice of Europeans has been heard. Today’s vote is the final result of intense efforts to put an end to roaming charges in the European Union and to safeguard the open internet.”

This will take a sizeable chunk out of your phone bill ones it kicks in but remember this is not for a long while yet and only covers the EU..