Its July the 1st and good news for Irish customers as regards to roaming charges and more,this will be a welcome move by all customers here in ireland across the board..

Still much has to be done to tighten up some means of advertising and how lightly the networks get off with certain things such as UNLIMITED DATA advertising and also network speeds advertised vs reality speeds,but its a step in the right direction but not fast enough.



Making a call while roaming in the EU is 23 cent per minute.

• Receiving a call while roaming in the EU is 6 cent per minute.
• Sending a text message while roaming in the EU is 7 cent (It is free to
receive a text message in the EU).
• Data usage while roaming in the EU is 25 cent per MB of data.


Price reductions compared with prices in 2013
• The price per minute of making a call while roaming in the EU has been
reduced by 20.8%.
• The price per minute of receiving a call while roaming in the EU has been
reduced by 28.6%.
• The price for sending a text message while roaming in the EU has been
reduced by 25%.
• The price per MB of data usage while roaming in the EU has been reduced
by 55.6%.


Other safeguards and benefits of the EU Roaming Regulation
A consumer who data roams is automatically opted into a data cap of €61.50

Data Usage Alert !

Since 1 July 2012 consumers who travel outside the EU also receive the data
usage alert at €61.50 while travelling.

unless they have requested not to receive the usage alert. A consumer will be
advised when they reach 80% of the data usage cap and again at 100% of the
data usage cap. The consumer can then decide to continue to data roam or not.
The alert is provided to ensure that consumers do not incur unexpected high
data roaming charges while travelling.


Transparency SMS.


When a consumer travels in the EU they must receive an SMS from their mobile
operator advising the consumer of the costs of roaming in the EU, this includes
the cost of calls made and received, the cost of sending an SMS/MMS, the cost
per Megabyte (MB) of data, details in relation to how to find out more information
if required – (freephone number) and details on the European emergency
number 112.


You can read the full report HERE

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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