Have you seen those futuristic movies where the characters have a small robot for companion? Well Sharp has created a new kind of smartphone with human-like shape and in some curious way similar to a tiny version of the “Bicentennial Man

Meet RoBoHon the “Heart moving phone”


Sharp‘s attemp to create something different rests in our “heartless cold” smartphones.

RoBoHon is capable of basic movements such as walking (a few steps), dancing, and waving his hands around to greet you. All that with the intencion of a more “human-like interaction”.


Imagine having Siri, Cortana or Google voice asistants in their own bodies, that what RoBoHon can be, aimed with an always on microphone, he’s ready at any time to help you to do lots of things such a set alarms or place phone calls, also with the integrated speaker you’ll hear your new mails and completely hands free send a response.

Also set Schedule Reminders and ask for directions, pretty much what you’d do with your phone.


Apart from everything that already have, this little fella also acts as “camera man” with sensors within the eyes capable of facial recognition, he takes pictures, record videos and even will tell you if you need to move.

And if this wasn’t enough, it also packs a small projector , so you can watch your photos or videos on any surface.

robohon_05Thinking of everyday situations, when sometimes voice is not our best option to control this friend, Sharp include a tiny 2 inch QVGA screen on the back where you can type your commands

Take a look at the promo video (is entirely in Japanese, but we get the message)

Powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC, with 3G, LTE and WI-Fi capabilities and everything else you’ve seen here, we’re looking at something really interesting.

Unfortunately RoboHon is still in development stage, and will hit Japan shelves as soon as early 2016 but with no information about price or if is going to be available globally.


Source: Youtube, Sharp