Electronic Dance music player is an app that simply collects music from different online media services (SoundCloud, Mixcloud and others) and tries to play music that the listener would supposedly like.You can select specific sub genres of electronic music (trance, house, dubstep,hardcore and others), and also listen to popular internet radio stations (DI.FM, SomaFM). The app was created by Maxim Novikov and has been around a while but just got a big update..

Maxim tells us…

I have always been a huge fan of music (electronic music, guitar music, jazz, and lots of other stuff) and even composed it myself before. But I always thought that the existing music industry is totally broken. Listeners can basically just stick to what commercial brands like Universal or Sony Music give them. And I wanna change this.
So, I started working on a mobile app to basically connect all the musicians to their target audience. I collect music from many different sources (like SoundClound, Bandcamp, Mixcloud, YouTube, …, and also online radio stations) and play it through the app as a personalized “radio stream” for a listener. And I am trying to contact to independent artists as well to get approval to play their music (for free) in the app.
There is a lot of great music not exposed through commercial channels like TV or radio these days, and with the current technology breakthrough (the internet, music software, etc.) it is getting available online to anyone, but it’s still very difficult to discover. Big music services like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music are all affiliated with large record companies utilizing the old dinosaur-era model, so you can’t find new good stuff there. Other music services like SoundCloud or Bandcamp are basically huge directories where musicians can upload their songs, but it doesn’t really change anything for the listener, they still can only find something there if they know about a particular artist or track. I want to provide similar services like big online media systems give to the end consumer, but using all the music from all over the world, so the musicians would get better exposure and the listeners could find any music they enjoy without any effort.

Pick from many Electronic music genres (trance (goa trance, psychedelic and progressive), chillout (downtempo, psybient, psychill, ambient), dubstep, drum and bass, hardstyle, hardcore (happy hardcore and gabba), rave, eurodance, lounge (deep house, nu jazz), electro house and electro swing) and enjoy the best electronic music songs both from popular artists and independent and undiscovered yet music bands.

* No registration required
* No user agreement terms to accept
* No integration with social networks

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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