OK, let’s start by saying this: Things are going out of control!

If you’re a assiduous reader you’ll know by now that neither Jim or I are fans of Selfie sticks and similar, even though that we’ve published some articles regarding this area.

Now the Selfie market has a new addition, meet “The Selfie Spoon”

sponnApparently someone wants to take the Food Photography to a whole new level, now you can do more than take a photo to your delicious breakfast, you can capture your face while eating.

Is practically a normal Selfie Stick, extends over 80 cm with a holder at the end for your phone, but in this case the other side has an extra….. A spoon.

selfie-spoon-759The company behind this invention is no other than Cinnamon Toast Crunch a cereal company that apparently, hasn’t anything else to do.

You can order one for FREE just paying shipping and handling

See it in action:

If you want one for yourself go HERE

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You really think we should let this “Selfie Fever” going that far?

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Source: YouTube (please take a look at this for a good laugh)