Ok so we all love our apps and browsing on our mobiles but at times we may get bored or whatever the case maybe and can find ourselves in a rut to find something interesting,Example of one another idea like this was recently launched called pooductive and this enables you to talk to others whilst you sit on the big white telephone..

This app is kind of similar but aggregated from several other feeds and you can select what interests you most,in the settings this can be adjusted to what suits you and you can pick from several such as Vine,Meme generator and You Tube etc..



The description says it all really which is as follows.

Teaser provides the ultimate collection of short recreation items for your downtime:
Trending memes, fresh and hilarious gags and jokes, trivia, viral videos, awesome facts, familiar quotes and tons more. You choose the channels you like, we’ll do the rest while you relax and enjoy a refreshing hiatus from the world around you.


The app is smooth however I found it short on content on using it today so in time I would expect it to grow and it will be more enjoyable,you can share and favourite your picks in the app but for now it is exactly as its named,its a teaser,lets hope it gets better.. Teaser was created by a guy called IdanBenporat who called out to us on Twitter today.

Download on Android


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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