Approximately 2 weeks ago a hackers attack began over thousands of websites using WordPress system infecting unsuspecting visitors with potent malware exploits.


The attack has claimed almost 15.000 sites using the CMS WordPress, the Sucuri Security team has been working hard since the beginning to ensure sites and protect the site’s visitors.

But the infected sites grew from 1,000 per day to almost 6,000 daily this due to attackers using a “Nuclear exploit kit” inserted in some vulnerable plugins redirecting visitors to hosting servers who carries the malware. The Nuclear exploit kit, is sold on the black market and uses a variety of different exploits depending on the operating system and available apps used by the visitor.
2Sucuri has confirmed that almost 95% of the attacked websites are running WordPress, even though they still don’t know how the sites are being attacked is mostly due to plugins vulnerability.
Sucuri has named the campaign “Visitor Trackers” due to its JavaScript file name visitorTracker_isMob.
Still unsure how the hackers infest the websites Sucuri made public a security tool to identify if your site is indeed infected, and therefore, protect your audience.
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Source: ArsTechnica


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