Google is your friend when searching for problems but it can be also be your enemy whilst searching for information concerning health and in some cases it can be fatal but with the technology available today we are starting to see more and more in – house apps from real practitioners something similar to an app we featured a while ago called Touch Surgery



The Royal College of Surgeons have released a new app though which gives information on certain issues and will hopefully prevent people from using search engines as a source of info which can be mixed across the board.Self diagnosing is not wise but we have all done myself included so there is no denying that it is something there for people to do and even if its just out of curiosity or perhaps searching on someone else’s behalf…

On opening the app you are presented with 4 icons as pictured above and you can then set up your own profile which is non intrusive on information,In the search option you will be presented with an alphabetical list and then you can open the desired selection and get information.There is also some news categories to chose from too if you want to keep up to speed on the latest info at hand on health etc. So far on testing the app its quite smooth and responsive and its an excellent job and idea and would like to see more like it..

There is also a feature to store your own health information such as blood type, weight, height and to calculate your BMI. The app also includes a very useful feature that lists all the hospitals in Ireland and contact information for each hospital as well as emergency services information.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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