Sony has numerous devices touting good IP ratings and of course dust ratings but when water does get in this is a problem for users under warranty and devices not being repaired so we can now see the true meaning of waterproof devices,they are not,simple as,flaps not closed correctly,ports,earpiece,mic and so on, water will get in somewhere and even though devices have a rating this depends on how long the device has been submerged,In short I personally would not use a device underwater or in a shower as I do not buy this splash-proof/waterproof jargon.This notice will apply to the Z3+ and the upcoming Z5 ,Accidents do happen I might add and perhaps Sony should allow more leeway..

Some of Sonys statements below..

Your device has an IP rating. This means that under a strictly controlled laboratory environment, the hardware works as designed even after being exposed to specific conditions.


Sony devices that are tested for their waterproof abilities are placed gently inside a container filled with tap water and lowered to a depth of 1.5 metres. After 30 minutes in the container, the device is gently taken out and its functions and features are tested.

If you’re at the dinner table and accidentally spill water all over your device, you don’t have to worry. Just allow the device to dry out completely.

Caught in the rain while waiting at the bus stop? Not a problem. Your Xperia device can handle raindrops falling on your head, as well as your screen.

Do you spend time relaxing at the tub after a hard day at work? Watch a movie on your Xperia device. Just make sure you don’t submerge your device in bath water and you wash off those soap suds when you’re done.


Other ways to use your device

  • When your fingers are wet.
  • In dusty environments, such as a windy beach or when hiking along a dusty trail. Just make sure you wash off all the dust on your device using water from the tap afterwards.
  • Taking photos and movies in wet surroundings. Remember not to use the device underwater. If you accidentally get the device wet with non-fresh water, wash the device with tap water.

Head over to Sony for the full deets.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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