In January 2014 we covered a new social app developed by Damien Kieran and Gerald Gallagher called Picguesso.

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Just to give a brief recap. The guys at Picguesso came up with an innovative concept that transforms picture messages into a novel and fun picture puzzle game. We are currently in the era of the picture message, but the team at Picguesso feel “the death of our distinctively human skill of interactive communication is creeping upon us. Our images are currently being posted into the vacuum of cyberspace to everybody but at the same time nobody”. Damien explains “It’s quite innovative with nothing currently like it available on the app stores and can generate hours of fun. It encourages players to create their own personalised picture puzzles and with its social features it promotes group based gaming and players to be more imaginative and creative with their devices camera/gallery”.


There are many benefits of gaming with Picguesso which include:


  • Group based gaming
  • It encourages human interaction
  • Increases brain function
  • Family bonding
  • Develops general knowledge and spelling abilities
  • Educates jnr. without promoting education to jnr.
  • And it’s just a fun way to kill some time


Since our article has been published, the guys have worked with some of the country’s top minds with regard to further development of the concept and a Picguesso software ecosystem which spans across mobile, TV and education. Considerable progress has been made into investigating the market potential of the ecosystem. The companies and initiatives involved were:

  • Vital for Ideas – An EU funded regional development program which specialises in fast tracking innovative ideas with huge market potential to experienced implementers
  • Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur (IBYE) – A government led initiative that recognises outstanding ideas and commercial ventures
  • SOSventures – SOSventures is a venture capital and investment management firm that provides seed, venture and growth stage funding to startup companies in the technology sector.


The guys have gained some great connections along the way that have verified the huge market potential behind this and can provide assistance on getting this off the ground but unfortunately the guys themselves cannot commit to the further development of the project due to a change of circumstances and feel it would be a massive shame to let such an innovative messaging system simply cease due to their availability.

If you think you have the right skills, passion and commitment to take the reins of the Picguesso eco-system, the work could be very rewarding.

For further information you can contact the lads on either or

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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