Talking about smartphones, smart watches LG has introduced something smart too on a different lines though, a SmartThinQ Sensor. LG has developed this sensor to improve the interaction between human fans machines through their smartphones. Adding a new member to the smartThinQ family of existing home appliances this product is aimed to give life to existing appliances.


The SmartThinQ Sensor is a circular device that can be attached to existing home appliances such as washing machines or refrigerators, to sense feedback such as vibration and temperature and communicate those readings to the SmartThinQ app on users’ smartphones.


SmartThinQ Sensor will monitor your day to day home appliances and let you control them via an app. In addition, LG has also shown off the LG Smart Lightwave Oven and Smart Air Conditioner that are the smart appliances with the AllJoyn smart home framework.


The Smart Lightwave Oven can even perform self-diagnosis and help find solutions and repair information online through an LG service center. While the Smart Air Conditioner will inform owners when to replace the air filter and it can also be controlled remotely from a smartphone.

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