The Taiwanese manufacturer Acer is well known for their “Predator” Gamer Computers Line, but this time they’re doing something different and possibly the fantasy of more than one gamer out there.

Meet the Predator 8 the first “Gaming Tablet”

acer-predator-8-launchedThe  Predator 8 (GT-810) is the first tablet made entirely for gamers; Acer which is well known for made gamer devices made a bang with this beauty, lets take a look at the specs:

Display: 8″ IPS display (1920 x 1200) with “Zero Air Gap” and Predator “ColorBlast” technology for “100% NTSC color gamut”


Processor: Intel Atom x7 processor, Intel HD Graphics (Gen 8 LP)

Connectivity: 2×2 MIMO wireless technology, 802.11a/b/g/n wireless.

Body: 8.7mm thin, 350 grams light.

Storage: 32GB or 64GB of internal, microSD up to 128GB

O.S: Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Acer-Predator-8-GT-810-1With all this outstanding specs the beautiful design tablet features “Predator Quadio” (four front-facing speakers that provide virtual surround sound) and “Predator TacSense” tactile feedback (which should makes you feel that you’re holding a normal console controler)

There’s also “Predator Precision Plus” which lets us have tons of touch sensors into the screen.

Regarding Price and Availability the Predator 8 has another surprise, with a price of $300 for U.S and €349 for Europe this tablet with steroids present a really solid offer. The sad side is the launching is scheduled for November 6th in the States, after the rest of the world.

But, take a look yourself:

As a bonus the Tablet comes with Asphalt 8 preloaded and 320,000 game credits (being honest is not that much when you have time playing but for the ones starting would be awesome)
Meet the Predator 6 the first “Gaming Phone”

Alongside the Predator 8 Acer also unveiled the Predator 6, imagine you shrink the 8 and add phone capabilities, what do you get? Practically the Best specs phone ever build for gaming.

Well, just in looks, because the Predator 6 phone has its owns perks and lights, lets take a look! Shall we?

Acer-Predator-6-smartphone-IFA-201512Display: 6″ FHD


Processor:  Deca-core MediaTek

Camera: 21MP (rear)

“Predator Quadio”

“Predator TacSense”

Unfortunately that’s all we have for the moment, but as soon as we have more information we’ll update the post.

But even with just part of the specs this phone looks really great! Are you going to try one of these? are you interested on having the first batch of this new gadgets?

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