In this “modernized” world we live now, things are a lot different from what they were when we where kids. For example our biggest success used to be owning the highest score on the Snake Game.

Now, some children do not even use a notebook (the classic one) to take notes, they use their phones, their tablets or even their laptops to get the job done.

And its not always easy seeing our child carrying  expensive gadgets to take a walk.

Well, enter the Kurio Smart the Windows Hybrid specifically designed for kids.

SliderHomeSMARTThe 2-in-1 Kurio Smart is like having a small Surface or an ASUS Transformer, our kids can play and work with.

Take a look at the specs:

DISPLAY: 8.9 inch IPS capacitive touch screen
RESOLUTION: 1280 x 800 pixels
CPU: Quadcore Intel® Bay Trail™ – T Z3735G
GPU: Intel® HD Graphic- Gen 7
CAMERA: 0.3Mpx Front / 2Mpx Rear
CONNECTIVITY: Wi-Fi b/g/n – Bluetooth 4.0
LANGUAGES: Supports multi languages
MICRO SD CARD SLOT: Up to 32GB of extra memory
BATTERY: 4900mAh

kurio-smartApart from all that (as you can imagime from the title and part of the reading) there’s also a Detachable Keyboard include that also acts as screen protector and stand, transforming your Tablet into an small notebook (a modern one)

It also packs the proprietary Kurio Motion Technology which allows the kids to play with 18 games that tracks the motion from the tablet itself (Like a small Nintendo Wii)

With Windows 8.1 and  Office 365 personal subscription and Free Unlimited storage on OneDrive! The Kurio Smart is ready to go and help your children in whichever task they might need.

4131786_R_Z001The device packs Windows 8.1 but as you’d expect is upgradable to Windows 10 and by the end of September, the tablet will then come with Windows 10.

The Kurio Smart has a price tag of £180 for U.K  and  $200 for the U.S  (Keyboard included)

Take a look

As you can see is a pretty solid buy, Let us know in the comments what do you think of it .