Prevent break-ins before they happen with #MyFox Home Smart Alarm.

We like to think our homes are safe and indeed most are but at one stage or another we either will be broken into or know of someone who has been,from this time of year onward typically break-ins rise due to the dark hours approaching us.. Well now there is a new product called Myfox Home smart alarm.. With this you can manage your home security from your smartphone..

With the world’s first motorized privacy shutter that’s controlled via the phone’s app, the Myfox Security Camera provides security when you need it and privacy when you’re at home. Myfox developed the innovative idea behind the non-intrusive camera by studying user feedback from previous generations of cameras sold in Europe, which found that 30% of users were unplugging their cameras when they were at home in an effort to increase privacy. The camera setup takes just 90 seconds and with the Myfox Security App, users can keep close watch on their homes no matter where in their world they are.

The camera provides one hour of battery back-up and a 1080P video sensor with CVR capabilities, two-way audio and 4x zoom, among all of the other features that you’d expect from a best-in-class security camera. With its sleek design and lightweight portability, the Myfox Security Camera integrates seamlessly into any home’s decor.


Set up takes only minutes and you can trust others to share information to,there is no wires to worry about and the system works with intellitags and wifi and that’s it,rather a simple process with no hassle at all…this also works with Nest..

The Myfox Security Camera becomes part of a proactive security system with its integration into the Myfox Home Alarm. The 4th generation IntelliTAG smart sensor uses vibrational algorithms to detect and alert of a break-in before it occurs. It’s smart enough to tell the difference between a break in attempt and a ball bouncing against the door and can be used on any opening. We conducted a user survey and found that 80% of break-in attempts were deterred thanks to the IntelliTAG triggering the siren. Once triggered, it sounds the Myfox Home Alarm and sends an alert to your smartphone or even alerts friends and family, allowing you to call the authorities. The Myfox key fobs provide a truly connected experience, as they can be personalized with usage case settings for each member of the family. Each key fob also automatically disarms the entire Myfox system when arriving home – no codes or alarm setting necessary, which makes for a security system that people will actually use.


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