Earlier this year we heard some news about Google and Project Tango with some great features. Intel and Google have come together and developed a Project Tango smartphone that uses Intel’s Real Sense 3D camera technology. The company unveiled the Project Tango developer kit for Android smartphones utilizing RealSense at the Intel Developer Forum 2015.


Google’s Project Tango that graduated from ATAP in February this year and became an official Google Project, combines the camera, gyroscope, and accelerometer to estimate six degree of freedom motion tracking, providing developers the ability to track 3D motion of a device while simultaneously creating a map of the environment.


Earlier in May, Google said that Qualcomm Snapragon 810-powered Project Tango smartphone will come in Q3 2015. However, Intel did not mention any specific date for the smartphone at the event. The company said that developer kits will begin shipping to Android developers at the end of this year.


The smartphone features a 6-inch display and has a number of cameras at the back, which makes it possible to scan the room in 3D in real time. Intel first announced its RealSense sensor for mobile phones in April this year. The smartphone will be useful for virtual reality, augmented reality and digital mapping as well.

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