Yeeply is a marketplace, tech-based, which connects app developers with companies that have a mobile need. They are experts in mobile development (apps, games, web apps, etc.), app and mobile design a app marketing.


Ana Mocholí explains more about the company.

The idea was born in 2012, but was in September 2013 when the start-up was created. And in 2014 we had our first project..

What is Yeeply?

It is a platform that attracts developers from around the world to create mobile applications, but also draws in companies that require an app for their specific business. The Yeeply website allows developers and customers seeking the creation of an app to register. Above all it´s a very useful tool for SME´s to outsource their app development needs at low costs. On the website, customers are able to go through a whole range of developers to publish a project. The customer is able to detail in full the features of the application. Then developers share a proposal of the work, renegotiating the price, answering specific questions about the project and the development of the application. Ultimately the customer chooses the developer that best suits their requirements for the design of their app. Unique in their Specialty Yeeply is unique in the fact that it has a vast networking expertise in developing countries, and has become a benchmark in nearly twenty countries, especially in Spain and Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico or Argentina. But also in other parts of the world like India, Italy and USA. Thus Yeeply was born… Both founders of the company met at college.

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Although in September 2012 they decided to take a different path in their professional field. They decided to take charge of their own destiny and start this innovative project. As they themselves indicate, in Spain there is a lot of skilled labor for the development of applications but few career opportunities. This discovery led them to found the Yeeply platform that meets these market needs. Also many companies, be it small or medium, often lack altogether a development team, or they are not at the required standard to create an app for them. One way to solve this increasingly important issue in today’s technological world, where smart phones and tablets have taken over; is to outsource.

Thanks to Ana for getting in touch see more at Yeeply

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